Rolling Shutters in Las Vegas By Olson Iron

Rolling Shutters of Las Vegas!

Olson Rolling Shutters are the future in window treatments. They provide the homeowner with security and insulation. Olson Rolling Shutters are the perfect fit for any home or business. Custom manufactured in Las Vegas of the highest quality materials, our Olson Rolling Shutters are the most durable, trouble free rolling shutters available.Benefits of Olson Rolling Shutters:
•       Sun Protection
•       Noise Control
•       Privacy
•       Protect the interior of your home from UV damage
•       Energy Efficient
•       Security
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  • Olson Rolling Shutters offers the first impact-rated hood assembly on the market
  • Locking bottom slat available for extra security and design load
  • Connector slats attach slats to motor tube for greater stability and added security
  • Optional locking bottom bar for added security and a greater design.

  • Olson Rolling Shutters offers the only impact rated hood assembly on the market
  • End Retention and Non-End Retention versions provide security and protection against intrusion, high speed winds, wind-born debris and Ultra-Violet solar radiation
  • Recommended for doors, windows, porches, lanais, balconies, porticos and store fronts with available sizes up to 262” in width and 360” in height
  • Available colors: White, Beige, Ivory and Bronze which include a 10 year warranty on powder coating
  • Vented and Non-Vented slats are available
  • Manual operated versions lifting capacity is up to 350 lbs. without spring assistance
  • Motorization available with MaestroShield tubular motors from 3Nm – 300Nm and wireless electronics which accommodate a wide range of applications.

  • Approved up to 262” wide and 360” high
  • Reinforced aluminum Side Rails
  • End Retention Slat Locks engineers from high-strength Nylon 6/6
  • Olson Rolling Shutters electronics put the beauty of your indoor shading, outdoor screening, and hurricane and security systems into motion. Our state of the art electronics support low data rates, low power consumption, security and reliability. With a multitude of programming options, you have the convenience of total control and the quality assurance, technical support, and innovation that is the cornerstone of every Olson Rolling Shutters product. Olson motors and electronics are innovation at its best.

    Olson Rolling Shutters not only sells complete systems, but all the pieces and parts that go along with the systems. We have hardware for not only the OlsonRolling Shutters systems but all competitors systems also. You can retro fit most of our hardware into other projects you have. From crown and drives, idlers, inserts, mounting brackets and more, Olson has the hardware to fit your needs.

    Olson Rolling Shuters motors are innovation at its best. Designed in-house by Swedish and American engineers, these industry leading components are the perfect marriage of power, precision and price. With multiple configurations available, the agility of our motors puts them in a class of their own. Designed and tested with quality in mind Olson  motors will greatly enhance your shutter, door, screen, awning and shading applications.

    Rivets attach End Retention Slat Locks to Slat


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